How it started

We are a group of experienced IT professionals who have noticed how difficult it is to find all IT job ads, gathered together in one place along with other useful information. This is how Cody started.

The bigger problem

Furthermore, during our careers, we have many times observed the situation where the job description or the information presented during the interviews bore little or no resemblance at all, to the actual reality the candidate eventually faced.
This has always been there, but now this problem seems to occur more and more, due to the pandemic, the lockdowns, and the rise of remote work in general.

Our Vision

Therefore, our vision is to create something more than just another job board, we want to create a community where:
  1. Companies present themselves by providing valid information regarding their culture, tech stack, work environment, salaries, benefits, sustainability, and vision as well as take questions from potential candidates.
  2. IT people exchange information and experiences about their work and help each other in order to make an informed decision about a career change.

Stay tuned!