Interweave is looking for a Project Manager to oversee a number of projects on an international account with great worldwide interest. This job involves a high skill of project and production management knowledge across Strategic, Creative and Digital projects.

In this Project Manager position you will work with a team of highly skilled strategists, inspirational creative leaders, digital marketers and analysts, social media managers and content creators, art directors, designers and developers to build great brand experiences online & offline and promote an one of a kind destination and cultural brand from the MENA region to the whole world.

You are going to be part of an integrated team of client services, project and production management professionals and you will champion the precise project planning tasks and job estimates, as well as the relationship with your clients and coworkers.

You must be able to multi-task and organize multiple peoples’ schedules and understand all aspects of branding, strategic marketing and communications – brand positioning, marketing strategy, digital comms planning, copywriting, analysis, art direction and digital product crafting, to name a few, so that you may comprehend the team’s processes and needs.

Adhering to strict deadlines and effectively managing the project’s time-needs, foreseeing roadblocks and managing around delays and schedule conflicts is a must.

Our ideal candidate loves lean project management and gantt charts, is a fast and flexible go-getter who jumps on new opportunities, and most of all understands the importance of planning properly and tracking how a project matures ongoingly to secure profitability.

Role and responsibilities:

  • You’ll be managing fast-moving 360° projects on an international scale.
  • Your main goal will be to create and maintain project agendas, syncs, calendars, tracking docs in order to improve the team operativity while keeping a constant communication, monitoring the status of every project
  • SoWs, Job estimates and Project roadmaps are your best friends.
  • Working for one of the world’s most unique brands, you’ll make sure our teams deliver quality content at scale.
  • You’ll liaise between our client leads and teams to ensure Interweave nails milestone after milestone — hustling internal resources to meet external deadlines no matter what.
  • Your job is to constantly balance resources and workload: your planning and coordination are key for successfully delivering projects on time.
  • You’ll make sure deadlines are met with great precision and flag in the right time the ones that aren’t attainable upfront.
  • A big part of your day-to-day is briefing team members on delivery objectives and keeping stakeholders informed on the progress of projects.
  • You’ll schedule, track and prioritise assignments and make sure the right Interweavers are available to provide our client with a constant flow of high-end work.
  • You will request and supervise budgets and you will track the profitability and resources utilization on your projects.
  • You’ll juggle between a lot of strategic papers and creative assets, from brand positioning papers to traditional media assets to social.
  • You will ensure that every project and its assets meet the quality standards, needs, and brief of the campaign.
  • You will create debriefs with information, context and resources that help the creative labour while keeping horizontal and transparent communication with clients and teams.
  • You’ll also evaluate the good, the bad and the ugly of finished projects to improve our processes and work streams.
  • You will work hand to hand with the Account Management team and keep constant communication with the Finance and Operations team.


We are looking for someone who:

  • Is a passionate person, who loves what he/she does
  • has a positive attitude and a problem – solving outlook
  • is a combination of a thinker and a doer
  • is team-oriented, works well with others and shares his/her knowledge and expertise
  • manages teams effectively, motivating and inspiring people to deliver their best, in time
  • likes to challenge him/herself in order to be better at his/her craft and thus, produce higher quality material
  • loves our industry, creativity, technology, and is always up-to-date with the most recent innovations and trends
  • is honest and fun-loving
  • shows attention to detail

About Us

Our mission is to create world-class brand experiences, understand people needs and through our expertise, ingenuity and a collaborative approach, help our clients to solve real problems, deliver good and achieve measurable results through creative innovation.

A team comprised of individuals with strong backgrounds and talents, coming from both client and agency side. Strategists, Brand Experience Consultants, Artists, Designers, Creatives, Writers, Marketers, Data Scientists, Researches, Innovators, Makers and Technologists coming together aiming for change either on brand, on industry or on cultural level.

Accountability, Excellence, Ambition, Forward thinking, Resilience, Togetherness, Positivity are more than our principles.

They are who we really are.

We are based in London and Athens. We are currently setting up in Cairo and we plan to establish an office in the UAE. We have partners in New York, Washington DC, Brussels and Paris and we work for brands and companies worldwide.


Experience you already have:

  • 3 years of experience managing cross functional teams.
  • 5 years of experience working in consulting services teams or creative agencies or production services teams.
  • 3 years of experience in managing large client accounts and multiple projects.
  • 3 years of experience in managing international projects either at multinational corporations or abroad.
  • Experience working with destinations, national brands or museums is also a significant plus.
  • Experience working with brands in the MENA region is also a huge plus.

Required Skills:

  • Excellent project management skills.
  • Experience with
    • Teamwork
    • Float
    • Miro
    • other
  • Highly Organised.
  • Solid scoping skills, which translate into realistic timings and resource estimates.
  • Excellent budgeting and financial controlling skills in order to achieve profitability.
  • Experience on working with task management tools.
  • Intermediate to Advanced Excel.
  • Strong planning and communications skills on managing multiple projects between multiple offices.
  • Be able to maintain a positive vibe and inspire people to get things done, wherever they are in the world.
  • 5+ years of experience in digital advertising or production have made you fabulous at dealing with stress and phenomenal at communicating with (stressed-out) clients and coworkers.
  • Be familiar with strategy and branding projects, media production, digitalization and the planning and implementation of campaigns.
  • Client relationship skills (100% client-facing).
  • Excellent English reading, writing and speaking skills
  • Speaking Egyptian Arab is a plus.
  • Speaking Arabic is a plus.
  • Be up-to-date on new technologies, audience insights, best practises and trends in your field and share them with others.
  • Must be aware of pop culture, new series, movies, and social media conversations.
  • PMI certification


  • A great workspace in both Athens and London city center filled with passionate, creative, team oriented, hard working people
  • An opportunity to grow
  • Access to books and resources for professional and personal development
  • Opportunities to attend conferences worldwide and internal and external trainings
  • One-of-a-kind gear, chosen by you
  • Outdoor activities, trips and experiences held by the company
  • Travelling with work between different cities of the world (Athens - Cairo - Dubai - Abu Dhabi - London)
  • Global brands, inspiring and challenging projects that help you evolve
  • Competitive Salary

If we say that “We Drive Change”, that change had to happen first within our industry, and within our team, for impactful, authentic results. Since 2013 we’ve been at the forefront of our industry’s gender revolution, having consistently harnessed the talent of our all-female leadership team since day 1, employing team members from all faiths, backgrounds, sexual orientations and ages. “Change” isn’t just a part of the work we do. Is a way of looking out the window and dream a new world, in which discrimination in the workplace is definitely – and permanently – a thing of the past. If you’re thinking of joining our team, one thing is for granted: no matter who you are or where you come from, you’re already welcome!

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