Plum is powered by automation, and acts like an autopilot for your money. You sit at the controls, with smart spending analytics and budgeting tools to help you set your financial destination. Plum gets you there safely, so you don’t need to remember things like setting money aside, getting the best deal on household bills.

Plum’s making your savings and investments work for you..

Here’s what we’re trying to tackle

  • 11.5m people in the UK have less than £100 in savings
  • 90% of UK savings accounts pay less than inflation
  • £4bn lost to the loyalty penalty every year
  • 2/3 of UK adults say money stress has affected the health or wellbeing of someone they know.

Our Mission

We’ve Imagined a world where people effortlessly manage their money without having to worry, or even think about it. A world where our users’ money has a brain that’s configured to automatically reach what is important to them.

...And here at Plum, we made it our mission to build that world... and we’re now ready to make it a reality for Plumsters. We welcome them to our reality! Where their money works for them, and their entire financial journey is easier by an autopilot, controlled by them.

In 4 years, we've grown from 2 co-founders sharing a rusty desk in Soho, to a brilliant, hard-working team of 75+, with offices in London (HQ) and Athens. Now, with more than 1M people already using Plum across the UK, Ireland, France and Spain, we could use a little help and that might be where you come in!

Our Engineering Approach

We value good engineering principles, imagination, quirkiness and healthy curiosity. We take a conservative approach to using external frameworks and we aspire to write simple, well-tested code, delivered in rapid iterations. Our moto is: "Own what you build. Share what you own!"

The Team

We work in "squads" – a more startup-appropriate name for saying small, cross-functional teams. Each squad has a mission and a set of KPIs to monitor and improve. As an engineer you'll be working in a squad but you can also reach out to and work with anyone in the company. You will also be a part of a Mobile engineering team, a team consisting of Mobile Product Engineers who share the same vision and passion of building an exceptional mobile team that will help people be financially better off.

Our Culture: Openness & Accountability

Even though you'll have a primary role, you can get involved in any aspect of the business you're interested in and contribute feedback and product ideas freely. In return, we'll expect you to back your decisions with data and logic. Features are considered finished when the data tells us that they've moved the needle.

The Role

Technical knowledge is critical but we are a startup treading in uncharted territory so attitude is even more important. We're looking for people that like uncertainty and want to figure out how to do things that haven’t been done before. You're a true team player and inherently positive. Where others see problems, you see solutions.

Value You'll bring

  • You want to build a product that makes people better off
  • You’re excited about programming in Kotlin
  • Yet, you still have intimate knowledge of the full Android stack and Android architecture patterns
  • You want to collaborate in a cutting-edge Android project
  • You’re a designer's best friend. You love being part of the design process and enjoy turning the design into a well crafted and delightful experience
  • You’re a product person too — you understand the value and impact of your work

Bonus fist-bumps ? if you have

  • Published at least one original Android app
  • Hands-on experience with DI and Android architecture components
  • Sound understanding of Git strategies, continuous integration setup and automation
  • Have an eye for design that you can transform to Material Design!
  • A genuine interest in agile development processes
  • Solid experience working with remote data via REST and JSON

What to expect from our hiring process

At Plum, we value a lot the time you devote to the hiring process, this is why we are always trying to make the process as fast and smooth as possible.

  1. 30 min. Call with our Peoples' recruitment Team. So we understand better your career plan and what motivates you. ⚙️
  2. 30 min. Call with our Android Chapter Lead. Brief technical discussion about the role and your skills. ?
  3. Task. You will be given a task for us better to understand your skills. No hard deadlines! ?️
  4. 90 min. Consisting of two steps.
    1. Call with two people from our Android team. We'll go over the task and introduce you to your future colleagues and to get a glimpse of Plum's culture. ?️
    2. Call with a Designer and a Product or Engineering manager. For you to understand the business future and envision yourself as part of Plum. ?
  5. 30 min. Call with a Product Manager. ?
  6. Offer ?

Plum's Perks

  • Join one of the hottest fintech start-ups in Athens Office ??
  • Nice offices -literally- in the center of the Greek capital
  • We're all in this together! Own part of the company through stock options ?
  • Private Health & Life Insurance
  • Flexibility to work from our London office (almost) whenever you want ??
  • 22 days holiday a year, excluding public holidays (34 in total)
  • Our annual team trip, to a secret destination ✈️
  • An office brimming with fruit & snacks, coffee, plants, and a vibe that’s... ??


If you think this sounds like a bit of you then don’t hesitate to get in touch!


Plum’s tame humans ?

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